Simple, Transparent and Effective Investment Structure

As a client of Calley Wood Financial Services you will have the opportunity to invest in the Politis Investment Strategies Managed Discretionary Accounts.

Politis Managed Discretionary Accounts are structured portfolios of listed securities managed by the Investment Committee at Politis Investment Strategies.

The Investment Committee is responsible for decisions relating to the acquisition, divestment and the monitoring of investments held within the Managed Discretionary Accounts.

The following are the key benefits of our Managed Discretionary Accounts:

Your investments will be managed by highly experienced investment professionals on a discretionary basis in line with strict investment guidelines and parameters
Full discretion allows Politis Investment Strategies to manage your portfolio in a way which allows for effective and efficient actions to be taken in response to changes in market conditions
No time or expertise is required from you in the management of your investments
Your account will be invested in line with strict parameters consistent with your requirements based on your risk profile, personal situation, needs and objectives
Politis Investment Strategies does not act as trustee or custodian over your investments. You retain the legal and beneficial ownership of all investments in your account
Integrated account administration and investment management result in reduced cost
All investments in your account are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange providing complete transparency
No brokerage is received by Politis Investment Strategies when buying or selling investments. All transactions are executed with a view to either protecting your capital or maximising your returns
You are are immediately notified of any investment changes made to your account including commentary from the Investment Committee
You can monitor the value, performance and transaction history of your account through our comprehensive range of reports available through a secure login on our website. You will also receive hard copy reports on a quarterly and annual basis
The Politis Managed Discretionary Accounts allow you to invest in professionally managed portfolios on a fee for service basis without the use of commission based products.