Politis Investment Management Approach

Politis Investment Strategies has an Investment Committee comprised of Senior Investment Professionals with many years of experience and access to a broad range of investment research.

The Investment Committee is responsible for decisions relating to the acquisition, divestment and the monitoring of investments held within the Politis Investment Strategies Managed Discretionary Accounts.

Politis Investment Strategies is committed to the disciplined application of active investment management.

Active investment management involves making judgements about market movements and acting on those judgements by buying or selling parts of the investment portfolio, across a range of asset classes.

Active investment management is based on the premise that it is possible to manage a portfolio where returns outperform those provided by market movements alone.

There are two ways that active managers aim to achieve such returns:

They look to acquire investments that may be undervalued, or
They look to take advantage of opportunities based on market conditions, which often means selling an investment when valuations are high and buying when valuations are low.
When making investment decisions, the Investment Committee at Politis Investment Strategies take the following into consideration:

• Current and forecast earnings

• Gearing levels

• Quality and experience of management

• Operating environment

• Micro and macro economic factors

• Valuation and share price

The Investment Committee actively monitors and reviews the investments held within the Politis Investment Strategies Managed Discretionary Accounts to ensure they are well positioned to provide you with the best possible returns relative to your investment profile.

The philosophy held by the Investment Committee of selecting high quality investments that meet the strict criteria for inclusion in the Politis Investment Strategies Managed Discretionary Accounts, combined with a stringent monitoring process, ensures that you are provided with high quality returns.