Direct Equity Investment

Using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund to invest directly in shares and other listed securities maximises the control, transparency and cost savings the structure provides. Self Managed Superannuation Fund members are able to visualise and monitor the assets underlying their retirement savings with a level of ease not offered by other superannuation accounts.

Investing in shares and other listed securities requires a level of expertise, experience, time, and access to research which most Self Managed Superannuation Fund trustees do not have.

The Politis Investment Strategies Managed Discretionary Account Service provides Self Managed Superannuation Fund trustees with access to structured portfolios which are discretionarily managed by a highly experienced Investment Management Committee, while retaining direct legal and beneficial ownership of all investments.

The Politis Managed Discretionary Accounts allow you to invest in a cost effective, transparent manner removing the burden of portfolio administration and record keeping.